You may have seen my articles focused on Asian entertainment and business industries, featured on sites including ForbesNBC News, and Billboard, or perhaps at KultScene.com, a contributor-driven blog I’ve co-run and edited for almost four years. Or you may have heard me eloquently speaking about my love of transmedia on a podcast or two.

Pretty much, I get around and love discussing my passions in any venue.

Storytelling in the 21st century is always changing, and it’s been a fascination of mine for years. While pursuing my degree in East Asian Studies from the Macaulay Honors College, CUNY, I began writing about overseas entertainment and business industries for a variety of websites, and have had the journalism bug ever since. I worked at NBC New York for a year and a half, doing everything from running scripts to writing them before going freelance as a writer and editor.

Specialties: Writing, copyediting, on-air interviews, audio editing

Languages: English (primary), Korean (beginner), Hebrew (basic)

Fields: Music, East Asian entertainment, lifestyle and fashion, modern US Jewish life